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power minimalism of

Power of minimalism
I've found another old article that inspired me to write BECOME YOUR GURU online course (there you can find an updated version). Interesting, how throughout the time it all evolved <3

Power of minimalism
minimalistically written 'to do' vows:

  • Identify what adds value, brings joy, and eliminate what doesn't.
  • Don't get rid of things you truly enjoy.
  • Ask yourself: When was the last time I used this item?
  • Don't exaggerate. Only You can decide what is worth keeping.
  • By default, we are set to hold on to everything.
  • Prioritize your spendings.
  • Always think about what you are going to buy, and rethink if you REALLY need it.
  • Change lifestyle to one that fits you and makes you happy.
  • Very often happens that - less means more.
  • Work smarter not harder.
  • Sometimes it's better to buy more expensive but more solid stuff, especially in the long run.
  • "Just in case things" - 20/20 rule - if you can replace something for under 20 dollars in under 20 minutes then get rid of it. It's a popular idea how to approach "just in case things", I never followed it. I simply know what I need and what I don't.
  • Every item drains your energy and wants to get your attention.

Power of minimalism
minimalistically written 'what to clean' list:
  • Key chain: I only carry 1 key to the house, 1 key to my car. I used to have much more stuff hanging.
  • Wallet: No more old coupons, pictures, or any unnecessary stuff. I closed all debit cards except one (multicurrency) and one card which I use every day, carry only essentials like ID, passport, driving license, swimming pool card.
  • Subscriptions: I track my subscriptions and I always ask myself do I really need it? Currently, I have only 50GB iCloud for 1$ +tax. If I need something I can always buy a subscription for a short period of time, and very often the first month is for free.
  • Body care products: I use alum deodorant, Gray natural soap, Argan Oil for my hair and face, fluoride-free toothpaste, Natural Shampoo. I could go further and cut shampoo, and oil, but I enjoy using it.
  • Activities: Do you know Pareto rule? 80/20. Apply it and let results impress you.
  • Goals, rethink and focus on what really matters. I had many goals, but I couldn't achieve even one of them. Now I keep it simple, I enjoy the process.
  • Open space, hide stuff into shelves.
  • Simplify cleaning products: For floors only hot water. For toilets never use harmful chemicals. For dishes, unharmful soap. Vinegar, rubber, and good cloth clean everything perfectly and disinfect pretty well!
  • Simplify the cooking process: I try to go for nutritious, very easy, and most importantly - 'quick to prepare meals. I provide all that my body needs. Many things I eat raw, like carrots and greens.
  • Wardrobe, things you like and really fit you. It's important to keep the higher ratio of stuff you wear every day and less special occasion things. All depends on the lifestyle we follow.
  • Turn things into digital versions: Except if you are fan of keeping a physical versions of photos, CD etc. I try to have digital version of everything, it's so convenient nowadays Smile All available in your devices and memory!
  • Cutleries and dishes: Perfectly, it would be nice to use one of each thing I need, so it would be always no dirty cluttered stuff laying around. If people share one house: I decided to mark possible personal stuff like spoon, glass, fork - it helps me to always keep space around tidy.
  • Clean your workspace: Is all about removing distractions and maximalizing workflow.
  • I cleaned my trading and working routine: It's almost a year since I started my trading journey. In process of studying, I collected quite a lot of knowledge and indicators. I decided to only leave those I like to use the most and bring most of my profits.
  • Clean cables, broken things, devices: I try to have only those cables which I use, no broken devices around, no used batteries. I own as little electronics as I can and as much as it possible!
  • Clear yourself from duplicates: like dozens of pens, knives etc.
  • Organize items and sort them in categories.
  • Clean debts: so important! No chains, freedom. Before starting saving it's better to pay off everything. I think is better to not own something, than owe someone's money. If I can't afford it - I don't buy it.
  • Everything needs to have its own place and purpose: from time to time I got this day where I look around me and think, do I really need this and, what is the purpose of owning this thing?
  • Food in fridge and food supplies: what do you really eat? Open your fridge.. check supplies... is it close to a good healthy diet? Or you have many things that you barely touch in there?
  • Clean all papers around, segregate them. What you can throw out and what you can still use? I try to use both sides of paper for printing something not important like drawings, notes etc.
  • Follow your own schedule, and reduce time spent for things that drag you down. Everything has to have a time frame, especially, everything you do during the day. You can do any of these activities:
  • gaming, watching TV - walking-working - workout - eating - sleeping - fucking - shitting - talking - meditating - relaxing - cleaning - writing - reading - listening - watching - playing - sitting - laying - standing - washing - cooking - drinking - hugging - laughing - smiling - singing - scrolling - calling - worrying - thinking - typing - texting - communicating - praying - fighting - hitting - toasting - tasting - making - dreaming - wishing and so on.... what is it that you do every day? Does anything drag you down? What is essential to do every day and what is not?
  • Feed on social media, unfollow unimportant accounts: Most of the information we receive is useless and there is no practical usage of them. So I decided to cut everything that doesn't improve my practical approach to life. If I need something I just search for it myself.
  • Clean your desktop and phone from unused apps: I do it very often. It is so nice to have everything as simple as possible. Since you can download everything back in a snap of the fingers, what is the point of keeping apps you don't use?
  • Notifications: Found it very useful. I only have only most important ones. Even when I got messenger notifications I try to minimalize any unnecessary people in the app with "mute" options.
  • Friendships: I stick with people I feel good with and I can learn something from. I try to shift and surround myself with people who think similarly. It will help me to change myself a lot. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to say goodbye to anybody Wink
  • Very often, people I really liked to have interesting conversations with, I could call them and talk like we never stopped communicating.
  • Every item in the house has to have a purpose: If there is something, that doesn't fit our current life purpose, doesn't improve our well-being - consider, if there is a point of holding on to it. Maybe there will be someone else who will benefit from having it? Let it go, man...
  • Body harming furniture, interior: To be honest I don't need bed, couch, computer table, coffee table - but it's nice to have it. If we share a space with someone, we can sometimes relax litte bit on a sofa. For most of the time, however, I sleep and sit on the floor. Matter of habit.
  • Think about using public transportation, or e-bike, uber: I don't think I would own a car in a city where public transportation had been advanced. It's about saving time, helping the planet, and owning a car is usually quite a big cost. In Reykjavik, without a car it's quite difficult. Only choice are buses and they don't operate so often, as well as the variety of connections are not perfect. So I decided to share one Toyota Yaris for me and my wife. Very low fuel consumption and easy to get spare parts. Still, I think it is the biggest expense after renting an apartment.
  • Consider sitting and sleeping on the floor: It's amazing, it's great preparation for meditation practice where usually we sit still for many hours. Found it extremely beneficial for my spine health and it's a natural way to get flexibility with low effort.

Power of minimalism
minimalistically written benefits:
  • We find contentment if we focus on less.
  • It will teach you how to let go of things.
  • Create more space for creative energy.
  • Helps to save the planet by decreasing Ecological footprint and no more conspicuous consumption.
  • Can help to develop better and more meaningful relationships.
  • Easier and faster house cleaning routine and laundry.
  • It really helps to find what values for you.
  • It helps to appreciate small things more.
  • Overall more time.
  • Less decision fatigue.
  • Less anxiety, guilt, and stress.
  • Helps to follow your goal for real.
  • Things get very simple and even simpler.
  • You can do things when you want to do and where you want to do them.
  • Helps to make better decisions and buy better stuff.
  • Minimalism can improve gratitude and generosity.
  • Helps to be more organized.
  • More freedom and more flexibility.
  • More opportunities that truly matter.
  • More confidence and dealing better and more with insecurities.
  • Let you save up money to use for something you love.
  • Fewer things to take care of brings clarity in mind and peace in the heart.
  • Will make you feel more free thanks to the practice of detachment.
  • Eliminate our discontent.
  • Reclaim our time.
  • Live in the moment and enjoy life.
  • Pursue our passions.
  • Experience real freedom as a feeling.
  • Become more of a creator and less of the consumer.
  • Focus on our health.
  • Grow as individuals.
  • Rid ourselves of excess stuff.
  • Discover purpose in our lives.
  • Less stuff more space for creative energy.
  • And many more...

Power of minimalism
minimalistically written 'how to do it:

  1. Go through the 'what to clean' list
  2. I usually try to get rid of things I didn't use for at least a month.
  3. Try to sell things; You can start with an average or a little bit higher price, lower it after some time. I think it's better to enjoy money, you can always get some lost cost value and use it for something you love.
  4. Give stuff away: I think what you can't sell - give away. Someone will have the fun of using it and you will contribute to saving the planet.
  5. You give it a try. You did as much as you could - now throw the rest of the things out - maybe you can segregate them? + and recycle Smile

Power of minimalism
minimalistically written important questions:
  • When did you use this item last time?
  • How much time do you spend, do you really don't care about?
  • What personal success looks like for you and how far it is from the idea of minimalism, and how close it is to lacking social acceptance?
  • What is really important for you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • How much is enough for you?
  • What is the worst scenario in which you will need this item?

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